Troop Adult Volunteer – Getting Started

Both the Boy Scouts of America and the Archdiocese of Washington have programs in place to help ensure protection of the youth under our supervision.  In order to be an adult working with the scouts, the following steps must be followed:
1-Complete the BSA adult application form at .  Everything is on one page; the rest are copies, so only complete one page.  We are Troop 380 in the Washington, DC District of the National Capital Area Council.
2-Register at, and go to the Training/E-learning section.  At minimum, take Youth Protection Training, but there are several other videos under the Boy Scouting tab that would be good:
  • Youth Protection Training
  • This is Scouting
  • Troop Commitee Challenge
  • ScoutParents Unit Coordinator
  • Pack Committee Fast Start
3-Sign up for the Archdiocesan child protection program, Virtus:
1. Create an account at
2. Complete an Archdiocese Volunteer Application, and return it to Elisa Dehan at the church rectory when you come in for your background check.
3. Take a Protecting God’s Children class. The schedule of all available classes can be found here.
4. Please read the Child Protection Policy Manual, sign the last page, and return the signed last page to Elisa Dehan at the rectory (you will receive this manual at the VIRTUS training).

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