March 2014 Camping at Marsden Tract, C&O Canal

Marsden-3.2014-1Marsden-3.2014-2  Marsden-3.2014-12 Marsden-3.2014-11 Marsden-3.2014-10 Marsden-3.2014-9 Marsden-3.2014-8 Marsden-3.2014-7 Marsden-3.2014-6  Marsden-3.2014-4 Marsden-3.2014-5Marsden-3.2014-3Marsden-3.2014-13 marsden-3-2014-141.jpg

February 2014 Ski Trip:


December 2013 Winter High Adventure: Florida Sea Base:FloridaSeaBase4

October 2013 Camping Trip: C & O Canal by Bike:

OverALock Great Falls Overlook TakingABreak Walking Stick spotted by TerranceHeron

2013 Summer SCUBA Training:

P1130178 Scuba training at a Fredericksburg quarry photo

2013 Polar Bear Campout: Marsden Tract, C&O Canal:
Polar Bear Campout 2013  P1130110

P1130096  P1130092

2012 Camping Trips:

P1130060  P1130025P1120986  P1120985

P1120988P1130006 P1130001  P1130055  P1130069

Presenting the Colors at Nationals Stadium:


Aviation Badge at College Park Airport:


Eagle Scout Project:


Color Guard at the 2012 Congressional Eagle Scout Reception:

P1120543 P1120544 P1120548 P1120549 P1120551

Alistair Andrulis Eagle Project: April 2013

P1010357 P1010354P1010350  P1010341 P1010333 P1010327 Alistair Andrulis Eagle Project, April 2013

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