Lenhok’sin Personal Packing List

1 pack and frame fitted to your body with a padded hip step
1 pack cover/waterproof bag
25 ft of 1/8 inch nylon cord for packing, tentage, bear bag, ext.
1 backpacking tent (one per two crew members) in two stuff sacks OR
1 hammock with rain fly (optional)
1 sleeping bag in waterproof bag in stuff sack
3 plastic trash bags (tall kitchen size)
1 waterproof ground cloth ( at least 3-mil plastic) or tarp
1 sleeping pad
1 small reliable flashlight with fresh batteries
1 pair well broken in hiking boots, or soft-side hiking shoes with sturdy/new laces
1 pair of water shoes, crocs or old sneakers (water shoes required for aquatic outposts)
3-5 pairs wool/polypropylene socks
1 pair long trousers/sweatpants
1-3 pairs walking shorts
3-4 T-shirts
3-5 pairs of underwear
1 long sleeve shirt
1 wool sweater/fleece pullover/warm jacket
1 poncho or rain suit
1 web belt
1 swim suit
1 pocket knife/multi-tool (no sheath knives)
1 compass (Silva or equivalent)
1 Whistle
1 Personal first aid kit
1 roll of toilet paper
1 quart-size ziplock bag for topographic map
1/2 bar of soap in plastic bag (“camp suds”)
1 toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss
1 small towel
2 plastic water bottles (1 quart each)
1 spoon, deep plate and cup (Sierra​ cup ideal)
1 small insect repellent (can be shared)
Sunscreen lotion (the higher SPF the better)
COMPLETE CLASS A UNIFORM; include scout socks and belt; worn for medals, church, and campfires at base camp. Will be left in storage during the ​week on the trail.

Optional Equipment

Extra clothes and shoes for caving
Notebook and pen
Personal spice kit
Instant coffee/tea
Backpacking chair
Hiking Stick
Camel back water container
Day Pack

Group Gear
First aid it
foot powder
duct tape
water filter / purifier
wash tub
3 stoves
3 pots with lids
2 dry bags / bear bags
Scrub brush