Scout Information Night at X-Park

Come out to X-Park (Providence Park, 2nd & D/E St SE) for fun and games, a campfire, tents, rope bridge and other scoutcraft, and food.  You will also learn about the three different scouting programs available on Capitol Hill:

  • Cub Scouting – For boys in 1st through 5th grades.
  • Boy Scouting – For boys in 6th grade through age 17.
  • Venturing – For boys and girls age 14-21.

Events begin at 6:30pm on Wednesday, September 20.  Youth and adult representatives from all of the above programs will be on hand to answer questions and show you what is planned for the upcoming year.

In the past 2 years, Troop 380 scouts:

  • Went on a 10-day canoeing trip in Maine
  • Climbed down ice-covered rocks next to waterfalls
  • Camped monthly
  • Hiked for 6 days in the woods
  • Made tools using blacksmithing techniques
  • Went whitewater rafting

Come join the fun!  Meetings are weekly on Wednesday evenings at 7:15 at St. Peter’s Church.

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