Camping Trip 3/22

By Noah

Troop 380 went on a campout March 22nd at Marsden Tract near the C&O canal. When we arrived, we hiked to our campsite, put our packs down, and then had a knife, axe, saw, and hatchet safety lesson. When we were done with that, we started making lunch. While we were making lunch we set up our tents. For lunch, we had delicious grilled cheese sandwiches made by Trey, and then we went to section C of the Billy Goat Trail to hike. It took a couple of hours, but when we got back we tried out Mr. Harper’s fire tools, such as flint and steel, and the fire piston. We started a fire both in the grill, and in the pit, so we could get ready for dinner. For dinner we had macaroni and cheese with broccoli as well as sausage meatballs. After dinner Nathaniel and Terrance had a boat race with wood that they had carved. Then, Noah made a delicious apple Seven Up cake for dessert­­­­­­. When it got dark we told some scary and funny stories, then we went to sleep.

The next day, we started a fire and made breakfast, which was scrambled eggs and sausage with peppers. We packed up, cleaned the campsite, then hiked out. When we arrived back at the church hall, we unpacked and then went home.

Marsden-3.2014-13 Marsden-3.2014-12 Marsden-3.2014-11 Marsden-3.2014-10 Marsden-3.2014-8 Marsden-3.2014-7 Marsden-3.2014-6 Marsden-3.2014-5


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